I don’t want to be perceived as a “Bible Basher,” but there are tons of worrisome discrepancies in the Holy Bible that just don’t make sense to me. The concept that we all originate from Adam and Eve, considering how diverse we are as a people is mind-boggling, and the story of an immaculate conception and virgin birth sounds even more ludicrous. Why have people so willingly accept these stories and never question them? I was on a hunt for the answer, when it dawned on me to take a closer look at other cultures, their faiths and religious beliefs. Then, I asked myself, are all denominations outside of Christianity wrong and doomed to hell? (only because I was raised Christian). That doesn’t  even sound coherent? Everybody seems to be stuck in an “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality when it comes to their faith and religion. So who’s right? Who’s wrong? I haven’t quite figured out the answers to that, but in investigating I popped opened a whole new “can of worms.” I won’t be the Judge, I’ll illustrate the picture and let you decide for yourself.

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